Article I: Charter Status and Amendments

  1. All existing and incoming coalition members must agree to abide by charter provisions.
  2. Changes to the charter are made on a majority vote basis, conducted via poll threads on the forums.
  3. When a change is made to the coalition charter, it will be posted to the forums for feedback for at least one week. If no adjustments are made to the changes, it will be implemented with a grace period for compliance.
  4. Failure to comply with all charter rules will result in the removal of an alliance/corporation from the coalition. This will be pending investigation and review for the entity to re-apply upon compliance, as well as a grace period while still in the coalition to comply.

Article II: Leadership Structure and Expectations

  1. Leadership Seat Allowances
    • All corporations are allowed 3 seats on the Alpha channel.
      • This is subject to the size of the corporation, and more than 3 can be allowed if other entities agree to it, loosely following a seat per 25 members.
    • All alliances are allowed 4 seats on the Alpha channel.
      • This is subject to the size of the alliance, and more than 4 can be allowed if other entities agree to it, loosely following a seat per 25 members.
  2. Channel/Mailing List Requirements
    • All leadership seats are required to join both the State Priority Alpha mailing list and channel for communication between entities.
    • All groups will maintain an operator role on their CEO or Executor for both the mailing list and the channel, and are expected to help maintain both of these to keep operational security.
    • Leadership members will provide information regarding operations via the State Priority Alpha mailing list to keep other coalition leadership members up to date on operations so they can plan to assist if/when required.
  3. Forum Usage Requirements
    • All coalition leadership must sign up on forums so they can see the leadership section and have appropriate public TS3 roles.
    • All coalition leadership must be added to the forums with their role for easy reference and points of contact.
    • All major votes made in the coalition between leadership will be done via polls on the forums. These polls will run for 48 hours or until 50% majority is achieved, whichever comes first. This can be accelerated on a case by case basis.
    • Coalition leadership is expected to help maintain the Spy/AWOX KOS list on the forums.
    • All alliances and individual non-alliance corporations must provide a standings API. This will be used in a method similar to CVA so that all coalition leadership members can go to a password protected website and plug in corporation and alliance names. This is to see who is potentially friendly to these groups prior to attacking structures and war deccing. [Pending site launch]

Article III: Fleet Command Structure and Expectations

  1. All alliances/corporations must provide 1 primary FC (not a coalition leader) for their group. This FC will be given a leadership role on the forums for the FC group, allowing them to add additional members.
  2. All coalition wide FC’s must register on the forums/teamspeak to receive “Fleet FC” roles.
  3. All non-coalition wide FC’s (alliance, intra-corp and small gang) are encouraged to register on the forums to receive “Gang FC” roles.

Article IV: Player Expectations

  1. Actions and Attitude
    • All coalition members are expected to act in a mature and reasonable way with other coalition members. This includes communication with other players, and leadership, as well as representing us in a reasonable manner to foreign parties.
    • Members may not attempt to harass or interfere with members of the coalition, or allies deemed to be coalition wide friendlies.
    • Members may not misrepresent level of authority within the coalition.
  2. Communication
    • Coalition members should be in both the intel and command channels for coordination and intel reasons. How alliances/corporations push their members to join these channels is up to them.
    • Members are expected to rally to arms to assist, either in offense or defense, of other coalition members.
    • FC’s in coalition entities should have full voice status in the State Protectorate Command mailing list and send out information regarding planned fleets here to update as many coalition members as possible.

Article V: Corporation/Alliance Expectations

  1. Corporations and Alliances in the coalition are expected to assist each other whenever possible.
    • Defending Caldari owned permanent assets and home systems takes first priority.
    • Attacking Gallente owned permanent assets and home systems takes secondary priority.
    • Attacking neutral owned permanent assets for coalition member use takes tertiary priority.
  2. In the event that a coalition group is war decced, assistance is encouraged, but not required.
  3. Corporations and Alliances are free to engage pirate groups that are blue to other coalition members, but should not engage neutral haulers or miners blue to coalition members.
  4. Corporations and Alliances can engage static assets owned by pirate groups blue to the coalition members, but are required to provide information 48 hours ahead of time to make sure there are not conflicting agreements made by other entities to defend those assets.
  5. Blue on blue will not be tolerated. Coalition entities are expected to address and deal with friendly fire as quickly as possible, be it removal of an awoxer, training them on overview settings, or notifying other coalition members of a response to aggression.

Article VI: Corporation/Alliance Application Requirements

  1. Corporations/alliances applying to the coalition must agree to all rules listed above prior to application being put to a vote.
  2. Corporations are required to have 30 members in order to apply. This can be waived on a per-case basis if the corporation has high levels of activity.
  3. Alliances are required to have 50 members in order to apply. This can be waived on a per-case basis if the alliance has high levels of activity.

Charter Revision 1.0


Signed by:

  • HECON – Subsparx
    • 07/27/2014
  • BLOC – Myra Stark
    • 07/27/2014
  • CALSF – Scylus Black
    • 07/27/2014
  • AZULA – RavenTesio
    • 07/28/2014
  • I-RED – John Revenent
    • 09/08/2014
    • 09/08/2014
  • ASIO. – IbanezLaney
    • 09/08/2014
  • MCF1B – Desiderya
    • 11/26/2015