As many of you are aware, the infrastructure we provide costs a lot of money. Donations are appreciated, and can be done here on this page. This is done through PayPal, so your information is kept secure and handled by a third party, not ourselves. For those curious how we got to the number of $120/mo (higher on the TeamSpeak renewal dates), here is what our current monthly costs are. Also to keep things simple, the Heiian Conglomerate services, also hosted by the same google cloud account, are listed here as well at $14.20/mo.

Don’t forget that the cost below doesn’t include bandwidth, any scaling required to deal with networking or DDOS issues, etc. So while it looks on paper to be $88.39/mo, it’s actually quite a bit more.

Expense Item Expense Cost
Domain Name $1.09/mo ($13.03/yr due April 1st)
TeamSpeak License $14.58/mo ($175/yr due February 1st)
TeamSpeak Server $14.20/mo
Web Server $14.20/mo
Forum Server $14.20/mo
Slack Server $14.20/mo
Heiian Conglomerate specific AUTH server $14.20/mo
Nightly rolling backups $0.80/mo
SQL Database Server $15.50/mo
Total: $88.39/mo

Please be aware that to receive donations CalMil.NET has to pay a 2.9% + 30c fee. If you donate $1 this means we only get 67c of it. Please keep donations to at least $5 so that the required fees aren’t taking a majority of your contributions to our site.

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