Getting set up on all of the coalition services has been made as streamlined as possible through our new AUTH system.

Step 1. Go to Click on LOG IN with EVE Online, sign in with your EVE credentials, and choose the character you are registering as. Note that we do not receive your EVE online credentials. All this is doing is giving permission for us to see your public scope data, such as what corporation/faction you are in.

Step 2. Once logged in, you should see your character, corporation and alliance as well as any groups you’ve been automatically put in to. You can apply for other groups in the group management section on the left, but what we want to focus on now is the services section. Go ahead and head there, and you should see information about TeamSpeak.

If you don’t see services on the left, then you are in a group that’s unknown to the IT staff, and will need to have it added. Please send an email to with information regarding your alliance/corporation(s) and we’ll get it added as quickly as possible. Form submission to come in the near future.

To start off with make sure TeamSpeak is closed, then you want to click the yellow check mark to begin the process. This creates the TS3 user in our back end.

Once you’ve done that you’ll see a new page with two buttons. Join Server, and Continue. Start by hitting Join Server. This will log you in to Teamspeak and give you either the SPROT or the CMC role, but nothing else. You should see a State Protectorate icon next to your name on TeamSpeak. This means you’re ready for the next part. Hit the Continue button to verify to our server that it is you that just logged in, and voila, the rest of your tags will be applied.

NOTE: Once you’ve done this you’ll probably be unable to see who is in each channel on the server. If that is the case, just restart TeamSpeak again and it should resolve itself.