Registering for the forums is easy, just follow the guide below:

NOTE: Your username on the forums MUST be identical to the character name you are registering for.

First things first we need an API key. There is a link directly to what you need during forum registration, but in case that doesn’t work, go to then click on Create New API Key.

From there, you want to set your settings like the image to your right. The things highlighted in red are the ONLY options that should be enabled. No expiration, CharacterInfo and FacWarStats.

Once this is done, name the API, save it, and you should be good to go. To verify that it’s correct, look at the Access Mask, which should be 8388672. Do NOT give us more than we requested. Any forum admin can see any of these API keys. If you give us a full API or other information we don’t need, we are not responsible for misuse. Protect yourself and only give the minimum information required.

Once that is done you can continue to the next step, which is registering for TeamSpeak 3 permissions.

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