Registering for Slack is easy, just follow the guide below:

With EVE SSO (Single Sign-On) registering for our Slack server couldn’t be easier! Start by going to and clicking the large “LOG IN with EVE Online” button.

Next login to EVE Online with your EVE account information (don’t worry, you aren’t at my website anymore, this is on CCP’s official website). Choose the correct character you want to use, and hit next.

This will result in it redirecting you to our site again, providing us ONLY with the character name, corporation and alliance. If you aren’t in an approved coalition group, you won’t be able to register (feel free to apply to our coalition!)

Now that you’re back on our site, enter a valid working email address and hit submit. You’ll receive your invitation email within the next 1-15 minutes. If you do not, contact Subsparx or Gorum Skev for support.

Do note your email is visible to other members of the Slack server. If you are concerned about misuse of your email, you can login to Slack after you’ve hit the verification link and change it to something else, like a burner gmail account (or sign up in the first place with one). Due to the terms of service with Slack I am not legally allowed to create accounts without legitimate emails bound to them at this time. If that becomes available in the future I will work on scrubbing this information from our Slack server to protect privacy.