Once registered for the forums, follow the guide below for comms:

Once you have made a forum account, you have another step before you can get permissions on the TeamSpeak 3 server beyond just the default public use channels.

First, you need to log in to the server, so go ahead and connect to ts3.calmil.net. There is no port or password. This is required so that your identity is cached in the system. Once you have done that, go to Settings > Identity in TeamSpeak 3. Under Unique ID for your profile (usually Default) you will see a string like “yEJHjui+/7pU7Dllx/H94c87Ti8=” which you need to copy. The screenshot opposite shows the TeamSpeak 3 identity control panel and highlights the section you should be copying.

If you use multiple machines you need to export your identity and import it in to another machine. The forums have a limitation of only allowing a single UID to be registered to an account. Select export form the identity control panel and save the file. This file can then be imported from the same control panel on another machine. Make sure to set this new identity as default in TeamSpeak and make sure your bookmark is updated to use that identity profile.

Now go to your profile on the forums. Then the profile tab. Then edit account settings. Paste that key you copied earlier into the TeamSpeak UID section, enter your password in the field below that, and hit save. Do not remove the prefilled information in the two fields above it (EVE API KeyId and EVE API Verification Code). The web server will immediately log in and assign the appropriate groups for you. The screenshot below highlights the only two fields that should have information in them.

Every few hours an automatic job runs on the server that cleans up groups as well, reducing overhead required by server admins to keep things running smoothly.